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Jim Harig


As the Wing Finance Director my goal is to make sure all financial matters and issues of the Wing are in compliance with not only the Civil Air Patrol, but also the state and Federal laws and guidelines. I feel privileged to work with such a fine group of volunteer’s that dedicate countless hours to do their personal best within the organization.

I know what it is like to walk that fine line in balancing family, career, and volunteerism.  If you need any assistance within finance at your squadron or if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me or Marlene.  Thank you for stepping up and accepting the challenges. 

                                                          Lt Col Jim Harig                                                                    
Oklahoma Wing Director of Finance                                          





Phone: 405-736-6044, office    


Wing Headquarters: Day to Day operations of financial matters


Marlene M. Webster, Wing Administrator


Phone: 405-736-6044

Address: 3800 A Avenue, RM301

Mail Stop L39

Tinker AFB, Oklahoma 73145


Office Hours:

Monday – Friday,  0700 to 1530