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Cadet Encampment

2018 OK-AR Encampment Logo

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Oklahoma Wing Encampment Page

Dates: 8-15 June 2019

Location: Camp Gruber, Braggs OK.


The application window is now open for senior and cadet command staff for the 2019 Joint OK/AR Wing Summer Encampment. The planned dates for Encampment are 8-15 June 2019 (Staff: 7-15 June 2018). The projected location for encampment is Camp Gruber, Oklahoma.


This letter has the positions available and the specific application instructions for Senior Members and Cadets wishing to serve on staff.  Please read the document carefully for the specific details. 


Application instructions for cadet students will be released in early 2019.


Key takeaways from the attached letter:

- We are in need of Flight Training Officers and kitchen staff.  The success of encampment depends directly on these positions!

- Seniors:  Must have completed Level 1 to serve on staff

- Cadets: Must have completed an encampment to serve on staff.  The letter contains specific information regarding Cadet Commander applications

- Application Due Dates:

-- 1 January for Cadet Commander, C/Vice Commander, C/Chief of Staff

-- 10 January for Flight Training Officers

-- 1 February for Non-cadet executive staff

-- 28 February for all other senior positions

- Oklahoma wing and non-Arkansas Wing members send applications to

- Arkansas wing members send applications to