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Office 365 - Microsoft Teams - Team Membership

What is a Microsoft Teams Team?

A Team is an organized group of account holders. These account holders are called members of the Team.  In the Oklahoma Wing, Team Membership (not the same thing as a Teams meeting) is as follows:

Team memberships are constructed by combining existing Oklahome Wing user accounts that have one or more "attributes" in common. Attributes are harvested from e-services.  An attribute can be based on:

  • A Qualification (fully qualified as well as in training).  Fully expired qualifications are not considered. Not all qualifications have a Team affiliated with that particular qualification.
  • Current CAP membership in a particular active CAP Unit.
  • Any Duty position in a particular active CAP Unit will cause an account holder to be a member of that unit's Staff Team.
  • A particular duty position (in any active CAP Unit) that has a Team.
  • Each account holder will have one or more Teams memberships.

Team memberships are updated 2-4 times per month using ONLY the information from e-services.

Team Email Group Address:
Each Team has a unique email address group.  Membership in the email group is identical to the Team's membership.  The Team's email group is different than the regular Wing email distribution groups.  The Team's email address group can receive message from outside Office 365 (non account holders can send emails to the group address), as well as internal (account holders) senders.  The Team's email address is not a shared mailbox.  This Team email address is not an account that can be used for login purposes.  Email messages sent to the email group DO NOT appear in the Team's application chat (called "posts") feature for the Team.  Instead, the emails only appear in each member's Outlook.  Further, these emails, they only appear under the "Groups" (found on the left side of Outlook's folder list under Groups - it may be necessary to expand the Groups folder (carat on left side of the word Groups)).  Messages to these Team addresses are not delivered as frequently as email to other addresses within the Wing.  This is due to the underlying Microsoft Cloud architecture of Teams, not a configurable setting of the Team itself or the Teams software application.

Access to Teams:
An account holder may access their Team(s) on any device that supports the Microsoft Team's application.  Each member can leave chat messages for their Team in the Posts section of the Team at any time.  Files can also be updloaded to the Team as well.  A "Meet" feature is also available (calls an "on the spot right now" meeting).  This is similar (but not identical) to the Teams meeting feature.

Team channels cannot be created by account holders.  The reason for this particular limitation is that each channel "consumes" some of the resource pool available for our license.  It is very easy to exhaust these resources (imagine the Team agrees to create a channel for a particular purpose (let's say ES Training for this example).  One user doesn't immediately see that channel, so they create one called "ES Train", while another creates on called "E S T", and still another creates once called "ES Trian" (spelling error).  The creation of each of these channels pre-allocates resources as soon as they are created.  There is not a practical way to merge/combine the contents of each of these channels.

At this time, each Team has a single channel called "General".  This channel name is standard and there is not a way to change its name (Microsoft won't allow it to be renamed).

Teams that would contain fewer than three members are disbanded or not created.

Non Account Holders:
The Wing's license does not support non account holders being a member of a Team.