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Office 365 - Scheduling a Meeting

Anyone with an Oklahoma Wing Office 365 account can schedule a meeting.  This is done using Outlook’s (web or application) Calendar feature.  Refer to the web page that contains meeting terms for some useful information.  To create a meeting, enter the Calendar portion of Outlook.  You will be presented with a calendar grid.  The grid may display a “Day”, a “Work Week”, a “Week”, a “Month” or an “Agenda” view.  If necessary, change the view to allow you see something other than the “Agenga” view.  Manipulate the Calendar to display the day you need the meeting to take place.

Choose “New Event”.  A new screen will appear.  Select the date and time the meeting is to occur.  Then select the attendees (required as well as any optional – note that meeting with no attendees is just an apppointment for youself).  These can be individuals or groups.  Anyone with a valid email address (it does not have to be a Wing address) can be invited to a meeting.

Choose the other options on the page that are appropriate for your meeting.  If the meeting is to be a Teams Meeting, the set the switch for “Teams Meeting”.  There are many, many options for meetings.  You should practice using them by inviting yourself (your backup email address can be used) to a meeting and see what the options do.