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Office 365 - Messages for Meeting Invitations/Calendar Invitations

Meeting invitations (it doesn’t matter what kind of meeting invitation: Teams, Face-to-Face, Teleconference, etc.) are special kinds of email messages sent out by Outlook that tie into the Outlook Calendar system.

Not all email clients (the program you use to read your email messages – on your computer, on your phone, on your tablet or other smart device) interpret these email messages as an invitation.  Some email clients actually ignore these kinds of messages while others only display partial information about the meetting.

If you have a O365 Wing account, in order to have the ability to respond (accept, decline, tentative – as well as customize your response) to the invitation so that O365 can keep track of things about the meeting, please use the Outlook app (on your smart device), or the 365 browser client ( version of Outlook.  This allows you to see all of the meeting invitation options available to you.  It also allows the organizer and the other invitees to see who is attending, who might be attending, and who is not attending.  This saves everyone a lot of time.

Please don’t use a separate email message to signify attendance or not to a meeting invitation.  Instead, please use the buttons at the top of the meeting invitation (accept, decline, tentative) instead (if you need to send specific information about any of those options, the button you choose provides the capability to include your own customized message along with the type of response that button identifies).  Using the buttons allows 365 to keep track of who is/isn’t/might be attending (and for all invitees to see that information if they view the appointment in their own calendar).  A separate email message does not update anything about that particular meeting, and instead, it forces the organizer and possibly others to keep a manual set of notes for the same meeting about attendance.

If you don’t use the Outlook infrastructure (the Outlook web interace to O365 or the Outlook app on your smart device), you may not have the ability to accept/decline/etc. to the invitation or to view other things about the invitation.  If you are using some other method (not Outlook) of viewing an invitation and you have an account in O365 for the wing, then please switch to Outlook so that you have all of the options and information available to you.

If you don’t have an account, consider obtaining one.  They are provided to active Oklahoma Wing CAP members at no cost.