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Office 365 - Microsoft Teams within the Oklahoma Wing

Microsoft™ Teams® is a collaborative communications capability of the Oklahoma Wing’s Office 365 plan.

Anyone can download the Microsoft Teams application via the web (using the URL).  Teams can be downloaded to Windows 10 computers, smartphones and tablets.  Refer to link.

There is also a “web only” interface that is found on the web page.  Individuals with Oklahoma Wing Office 365 accounts would log into Teams the same way the log into their Office 365 web accounts using the link – this provides access to the web version for account holders.

For those members of the Wing that do not have an Oklahoma Wing Office 365 account, you can attend Microsoft Teams meetings using the link provided in the email meeting invitation, and signing in as a guest user.  You can also download the Teams application to a compatible computer, tablet or smartphone.  Once downloaded, clicking on the link on the link in the meeting invitation and that will open the Teams application and you can proceed from there.

There is no cost to obtain Teams (you don’t have to buy any software, but the app itself does cause data usage for devices on cellular networks when in use).

What do I need to have to be able to use Teams?

  • Speaker(s) – so you can hear what is being said.  Teams is a video chat/presentation/collaboration tool.
  • Display – so you can see what is being presented.  Not all Teams meetings have a presentation, but when something is being presented you will need a usable screen.
  • Microphone – depending on the particular Teams meeting, if you are only going to listen, then a microphone may be optional.  Most CAP purchased computers have built in microphones and speakers.  Many have webcams.
  • Keyboard – used for connecting, and, once a Teams meeting has started, you can use the Teams chat function of Microsoft Teams to answer the roll call, ask questions, etc.  This is handy if you don’t have a microphone.
  • Webcam – optional – it somewhat depends on who is presenting, and the presentation itself.
  • Internet Connection – this is the how the data gets back/forth to the rest of the attendees.

Common Questions:

  • Does Teams support “Dial in audio only”?  Our license does not yet support dial in audio only.
  • Do I need a Code to attend a Teams meeting?  No – our plan does not use this feature of Teams.
  • Is there a Teams Channel I need to use?  No – we do not use the this feature of Teams.
  • How are Teams meeting invitations sent out?  The meeting invitations are sent as “Calendar” invitations (special kind of email message).  Your email client may not support this special kind of email message, and if it does not, the message will be rather strange looking.  Most (not all!) smartphones and tablets with operating systems with versions less than a few years old come with compatible clients.
  • Can Teams meeting invitations be forwarded to others?  It depends on how the meeting organizer set up the meeting.  Some meetings would not be open to those who are not invited by the meeting organizer.
  • I have a smartphone, I don’t have an Oklahoma Wing Office 365 account, but I am invited to a Teams meeting, what do I do?  In the Teams meeting invitation there should be a link for attending the meeting.  You would follow that link and sign in as a guest when prompted.  It will ask you for your name – this is so others on the connection will know who is present.  If you have Teams installed, clicking the link opens the Teams app.  If you do not have Teams installed, it should open the web version of Teams.
  • When I try to sign into Teams using the computer at my workplace, things don’t seem to work, what do I do?  Many employers (including various Local, State and Federal Government agencies) block certain kinds of activity on their networks.  You may not be able to use your employer’s network to utilize Teams meetings for the Oklahoma Wing.  This varies from employer to employer.
  • I have Teams at my workplace, can I use it to connect to an Oklahoma Wing Teams meeting?  It depends on how your employer has configured their network and their setting for Microsoft Teams.  It may be possible (or it may not), but it varies by employer as to whether they do/will allow Teams usage on their networks, computers, etc.
  • I need to call a Teams meeting, do I have to have an Oklahoma Wing Office 365 account?  Yes.
  • How do I invite people to a Teams meeting?  Using the Calendar portion of Microsoft Outlook (web or the actual Teams installed application), simply invite the individuals and/or mail groups to the meeting as you would any other meeting invitation.  Before sending the invitation, ensure you have turned on the “Teams Meeting” switch for the invitation.