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Office 365 - Microsoft Teams within the Oklahoma Wing

Microsoft™ Teams® is a collaborative communications capability of the Oklahoma Wing’s Office 365 plan.

Anyone can download the Microsoft Teams application via the web (using the URL).  The Teams application can be downloaded to Windows 10 computers, smartphones and tablets.  Refer to link.

There is also a “web only” (using a web browser) interface that is found on the web page.  Individuals with Oklahoma Wing Office 365 accounts would log into Teams the same way the log into their Office 365 web accounts using the link – this provides access to the web version for account holders.

For those members of the Wing that do not have an Oklahoma Wing Office 365 account, you can attend Microsoft Teams meetings using the link provided in the emailed meeting invitation, and signing in as a guest user.  You can also download the Teams application to a compatible computer, tablet or smartphone.  Once downloaded, clicking on the link on the link in the meeting invitation and that will open the Teams application and you can proceed from there.

There is no cost to obtain Teams software (you don’t have to buy any software, but the app itself does cause data usage for devices on cellular networks when in use), but it does require an active connection to the Internet.

Under the current Microsoft Teams architecture and the Wing’s Office 365 licensing, a defined or named Team’s membership can only contain account holders within the Oklahoma Wing’s Office 365 domain.  This is a design limitation of Microsoft Teams, not a configuration setting.

Please note that a Teams Meeting is not the same thing as a defined or named Team.

Accepting/Declining a meeting invitation – prior to accepting a Teams Meeting invitation, please click on the “Help” link near the bottom ot the invitation and read the instructions that are presented.  Following the instructions found on that web page will help everyone save time.

Entering a Teams Meeting – Please have your microphone muted, and your camera in the off/muted state.  This will allow users that don’t have much Internet bandwidth to better participate.  To enter a meeting, use the Calendar portion of Outlook (the calendar in Teams does not yet always show your meetings – Microsoft has announced plans to correct this in the future).


See also the FAQ page at for additional information.