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Arrival Instructions

Reporting. All staff members will report to the Camp Gruber Training Center between 1400-1500 hours on 7 June 2019. Do not arrive prior to 1400 unless you have coordinated with me first. All staff must be in place NLT 1600 to begin RST. 

Uniform for arrival.  Uniforms are not required for Friday night, but clothing must be neat and presentable.  The Uniform of the Day for 2 June will be BDU/ABU/Corporate Utilities.

Cadet Student Arrival. Cadet students are scheduled to arrive NET 1200 on 8 June.

Directions to Camp Gruber.  We will have personnel at the gate to tell you where on base to report.  Reporting to Camp Gruber: Staff may arrive No Earlier than 1400 hours on 7 June but no later than 1500. 

From Tulsa:

Take OK-51 E/US-64 E/US-75 N from W 1st St, S Heavy Traffic Way, S Lawton Ave & W 12th St/Rte 66

Follow OK-51 E & OK-351 to US-62 E/E Shawnee Bypass in Muskogee. Take the US-62 E exit from OK-351

Take OK-10 S to 4th St


From Oklahoma City:

Follow I-40 E to N4390/Ross Rd in Muskogee County. Take exit 284 from I-40 E

Follow US-64 E and OK-10 N to 4th St


From Dora, AR (OK/AR state line):

Follow I-40 W to OK-10 N in Carlisle. Take exit 291 from I-40 W

Take US-64 W and OK-10 N to 4th St in Muskogee County

ID requirements. All members 16 years old and above will need a picture ID to enter the base.

Paperwork. Be sure you bring hard copies of your forms (31, 160 etc). Use this links above to access the application packet.

Tuition. Cadets, Don’t forget your tuition (seniors may make a donation).

Homework. Lastly, your homework (Cadet and Senior staff). Each person needs to read CAPP 60-70 and the associated OI. You must be familiar with these documents.  The OI can be found here.