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UNIT SWR-OK-125 and OK-151

Operational Plan 18-A-3188 and 18-C-3396

  1. Objective: Participation at British Flyers Remembrance Ceremony


             B. Event Location(s):

Miami G.A.R. Cemetery, 2801 N Main St, Miami, OK 74354

Miami Airport (MIO)


  1. Event Date and Time: 21 October 2017

0700 at Sparks aviation for four cadets for orientation flight to Miami OK.

0930 at Miami G.A.R. Cemetery for remembrance ceremony

1200 Anticipated end of ceremony and RTB with another four cadets

1400 Return to Sparks Aviation at TUL


  1. Event participation: Cadets and Senior members will attend memorial ceremony to observe the event. If participation is asked, CAP may offer assistance. Orientation flights will be flown to and from event to maximize retention of cadets. Cadets for the returning flights will travel to Miami while cadets that fly to Miami will return in the CAP van. Flights to and from the event will make one stop at an airport between Tulsa and Miami to swap cadets between front and back seat.


  1. Weather delays and cancellations:

If weather cancels the events, there is not a date set for make up flights.


  1. Lodging: None, members are to start and return home in the same day.
  2. Reimbursement procedures:
    •  All Air transportation is handled under mission 18-A-3188.
    • All Ground transportation is handled under mission 18-C-3396.



  1. Messing: not provided.


  1. Medical: The nearest medical facility:

 Integris Hospital 200 2nd Ave SW, Miami, OK 74354


  1. 911 will be called for medical emergencies.


  1. Safety: Mission Safety Officer

-    TBD will function as the MSO for this mission.


  1. Transportation: Will be provided by POV’s and attending Squadron’s assets.

- Air Sorties will consist of Cadet O-Rides to and from the event IAW 18-A-3188

   -- Shell Card used for fuel

- Ground sorties will be IAW 18-C-3396 Recruitment and Static Display

   -- WEX card used for fuel


  1. POC: Capt David Horn (918) 810-1880 (flight operations)