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Activities and Glider Flights



Activities this month

Glider Flights at Pryor on 29th June at Pryor (Details below)




Upcoming Activities in the next few months

Warbird Fly-in at South Grand Lake Regional Airport (1K8)

If you would like to participate in this event, please be at the airpot NLT 1330.

From Capt David Horn, Point of Contact for this event:

I am a little late getting this out there but I have approval for helping out with the warbirds on July 4th at Grand lake. I would like for at least 10 cadets to help out this year and I can host some orientation flights like previous years.

The warbirds will start showing ap around 1600 and depart in mass around 1830 so that is the core hour I need cadets and senior members. If I have cadets that want orientation flights, I can fly a few before that or a few between 1400 and 1600. I need to have the CAP aircraft on the ground by 1800 so the warbirds can prepare the mass departure.

Also note that if the oportunity arises where a cadets is offered a ride in a warbird, they will need a change of clothes or be out of uniform (deblouse) before they fly.

Please mention this to your squadron tonight and the next few mmetings and let me know who can attend.

Capt David R Horn II CAP
Cadet Orientation flight coordinator (Oklahoma wing)
(H) (918)492-5286
(M) (918)810-1880
Civil Air Patrol, U.S. Air Force Auxiliary


the next OPEX will be held the weekend of 13 July, with the ICP located at Ponca City Regional Airport (KPNC).

Be sure your 24 hour packs are ready to go. This is a wing wide exercise. (More details to follow as soon as they are available).


Glider O-Rides

Glider Flights are held montly, usually 3rd of 4th Saturday, depending,  at the Mid-America Industrial Airport in Pryor Oklahoma



From 1st LT Victor Jones of the Council Oak Squadron:


GREAT NEWS!  Please announce at your units meeting this week and 

distribute this as widely as possible.


1. Glider rides are being hosted at Pryor (near Claremore) on Saturday, 

*29th June*.  Note that this takes the place of the 4th Saturday in 

June.  Be prepared to be at the airport by 08:15am for safety briefing 

at 08:30. (We can make arrangements for those travelling in from out of 



2. Please let me know ASAP if your unit will attend.  I will need names 

(of cadets and seniors) NLT Thursday (20th) with CAP ID number and weight.


3. Seniors - we need people to assist in many capacities.  We would like 

to have one senior from each unit sending cadets.  If you might be able 

to attend please let me know ASAP.


4. Cadets:

    a) complete and bring a signed parental release Form 60-80 (formerly 

CAPF32) to fly.  You must provide this even if you have flown before. 

(Club members do not need this).

    b) If you have previously done so, complete your wing runners and 

aircraft ground handling courses in advance and bring completion 

certificates with you.  These are needed to partake in the glider 


    c)  Provide your name, CAP ID, and weight and which glider syllabus you 

will be flying (ie First glider flight, 2nd, 3rd etc)

    d) Read and bring a copy of your syllabus (a link to CAPP60-40 is in 

the attached pdf intro_to_CAP_gliding_in_OK)

    e)  Bring a change of footwear as boots are not permitted in gliders

    f)  Bring a Hi-viz vest or belt.


5. Please read the attachments for details on location, information for 

parents and other important information.


6. Bring cameras and take pictures.  This is a FUN event which you will 

want to share.  The glider has a go-pro type mount on the wing - notify 

the staff on the day if you wish to use this and they will ensure it is 

secured. You will need your own case (and camera).


7.  ALL those FLYING - Bring a change of footwear as boots are not 

permitted in gliders. Bring a Hi-viz vest or belt and dress for the 

weather on the day.


8. Seniors will be able to fly on a self funded basis ($50/tow) if slots 

are available. Let me know by Friday. Cadet flights are air force funded 



9. Unit o'ride co-ordinators.

    a) Please ensure that parents and cadets have this information.

    b) If you can, please enter cadets details on the spreadsheet 

  If you enter the cadets details before the event this really helps us 

(fill in the columns headed in yellow).



Thanks very much,


Lt Victor Jones


    OK glider o'ride co-ordinator




Check list

- parental release Form 60-80

- completed wing runners and aircraft ground handling certificates(first 


- copy of flight syllabus

- camera, phone cam, Go-Pro and case etc

- Hi viz belt or vest

- Camel back with water

- comfortable cloths (it will be too hot for BDUs/ABUs)

- Light shoes or change of shoes (no boots in glider)

- Sunscreen

- Wide brimmed Hat

- Sunglasses

- Snack/packed lunch (Spare change as there may be a lunch run or a 

cookout if time and personnel allow)

In order to participate you will need the following forms.

CAPF 160

CAPF 161

CAPF 60-80

In addtion, if you have not already done so, you will need to take the following courses and bring documentation that you have completed them:

Wing runner course and exam

Aircraft Ground handleing