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Activities and Glider Flights



Activities this month


Begining on 27 Nov 18, we will begin meeting on Tuesdays instead of Mondays

We will focus on PT for this first meeting.



Upcoming Activities in the next few months

The next OPEX will be 15-17 Feb 19.   Mission Base will be located at Max Westheimer (KOUN) in Norman, with two staging areas TBD.  These will also be the sites for the OPSEVAL scheduled for 29-31 March 2019.  Be sure your 24 hour packs are ready to go. This is a wing wide exercise.


Glider O-Rides

Glider Flights are held montly, usually 3rd of 4th Saturday, depending,  at the Mid-America Industrial Airport in Pryor Oklahoma



From 1st LT Victor Jones of the Council Oak Squadron:


1. I would like to put on other activities during the days eg ELT hunts, Aero Ed, comms work etc to keep the cadets occupied.  I'm looking to the cadet squadrons to help arrange that.  Please contact me with your ideas and so we can start planning and arranging logistics.

2. Please put the word out to cadets and start to build your list of cadets and Seniors.  

3. We would like to prioritise cadets that are about to age out.  Please look at your cadet reports to see which of your cadets are in danger of loosing out (see below for instructions).

Thanks very much for all your support.    Forward as desired/needed - especially if I missed anyone.  Please feel free to contact me with any comments, suggestions or questions.

In order to participate you will need the following forms.

CAPF 160

CAPF 161

CAPF 60-80

In addtion, if you have not already done so, you will need to take the following courses and bring documentation that you have completed them:

Wing runner course and exam

Aircraft Ground handleing