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Cadet promotions are NOT a complicated process. It is as simple as three easy steps.

STEP 1:  Check your promotion report on eServices.

Click the link below, log in to eServices, and download the “Cadet Track Report” pdf.

Starbase Composite Squadron Promotion Track Report

STEP 2:  Identify what you need to work on from the report.

Items to look at:

  1. Physical Fitness – This will be blank on your report for the promotion you are working on, regardless if you did the PT test or not. Do the test, and don’t worry about it.
  2. Leadership – Online leadership achievement test on eServices, access and take the test in the link below..

Starbase Composite Squadron Online Testing

  1. Drill – The drill test is taken at the base on 2nd and 3rd Tuesdays. Speak to your Flight LEO on 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Tuesday after opening formation to schedule the test with Flight Staff. Make sure you print two copies of your achievement drill test to bring with you.

Starbase Composite Squadron Drill Tests

  1. Aerospace Educatiton – Online leadership test on eServices, access and take the test in the link below.

Starbase Composite Squadron Online Testing

  1. Character Development – Classes are on 1st Tuesday of each month.  You must attend this class in order to promote.

STEP 3: Speak to your Leadership Education Officer (LEO)

  1. After opening formation on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Tuesdays, and before dismissal, your Flight Sergeant will ask for a show of hands of who needs to speak to their Flight LEO regarding promotions. Raise your hand to be identified.
  2. After dismissal your Flight Commander will accompany you to your LEO to report that you are ready for promotion. After speaking with your Flight LEO you will return to your flight. Your Flight LEO will check your promotion record to verify completion and will inform you if everything is squared away or if there are discrepencies.

    To assist you with this, you should bring a copy of your promotion report from STEP 1. Ensure that all boxes are completed on this report.

  3. After verification, your Flight LEO will submit your promotion request up the chain to the Squadron Leadership Education Officer for approval.
  4. A Leadership Feedback Session will be REQUIRED at the completion of the following achievements.
    • ​​Phase 1: Before the Wright Brothers Award
    • Phase 2: Before the Billy Mitchell Award
    • Phase 3: Before the Amelia Earhart Award
    • Phase 4: Before the Ira Eaker Award
    • Note - An LEO may initiate a Leadership Feedback Session at any time, and during any achievement, as deemed necessary for the coaching and mentoring benefit of the cadet.

LEO: Leadership Education Officers

  • Squadron Leadership Education Officer: 1st Lt Brandon Lunsford Sr.  email:
    • Alpha Flight LEO: Maj Gary Sutherland
      • Alpha Element 1 LEO: 2d Lt David Keener
      • Alpha Element 2 LEO: SM Faun Daves
    • Bravo Flight LEO: Capt Del Sparger
      • Bravo Element 1 LEO: SM Yolanda Daves
      • Bravo Element 2 LEO: SM Daniel Golden
    • Operation First Stripe LEO: 2nd Lt Jennifer Sparger


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