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Safety is No Accident




Safety Officer
Assists and advises the commander in developing the overall accident prevention program. They shall:
Direct and perform safety inspections and surveys of operational areas for hazards.
Direct and perform mishap reviews and prepare mishap review factual narratives.
Plan operational risk safety briefings to make personnel aware of hazards for various activities and provide safety education that
teaches the requirement for safe practices on various topics.
Make visits to subordinate units, and assist units with safety program guidance and guidance to mitigate safety related concerns, as required.
Review and analyze mishap reviews for trends and other mishap prevention information.
Provide and publicize safety awareness information through various means, but not limited to: newspapers, posters, etc. and
familiarize CAP members with online safety education programs in CAP’s Safety Management System (SMS).
The safety officer should be familiar with CAP directives in the 62 series.