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Promotion Requirements & Proceedures

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Promotion Requirements & Proceedures


Every promotion has requirements. In order to progress through the cadet program, each cadet must complete certain tasks. Civil Air Patrol has a document with every required task here: Cadet Super Chart. For your Starbase Composite Squadron Promotion you are required to utilize the Super Sheets in the links below (by rank). If you do not turn in a properly filled out, initialed, and signed off on Super Sheet, your paperwork will be returned to you and the promotion delayed.  It is up to you to ensure your next rank.


Cadets should also remember that completion of all of the requirements does not mean the cadet will be promoted. There may be a promotional review board for every achievement which will determine whether or not the cadet is ready to accept the additional responsibilities. Alternatively, members may download the Personal Cadet Tracker in the link below (PDF or Excel Spread Sheet) and fill in their own information of when they completed tasks and promoted to certain achievements. This chart uses all of the information from the Cadet Super Chart. Cadets may use this chart and fill in their own information. It is available for download below in the attachments section. This chart includes all items that cadets need in order to finish each achievement.


The following are some statistics of how many cadets obtain the awards available in Phases 3 and 4 of the Cadet Program.

  • Mitchell Award: 15%
  • Earhart Award: 5%
  • Eaker Award: 2%
  • Spaatz Award: 0.05%

The Personal Cadet Tracker is a document you should download and print. This is a invaluable reference for keeping track of your progress. There are a total of four phases as you progress through you career with Civil Air Patrol. As you progress there will be a increasing amount of responsibility.


Promotion Requirements by Rank:



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