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Search and Rescue Officer

Search and Rescue (SAR) Officer
Assists the ES officer in managing and directing search and rescue activities. They shall:
Develop SAR agreements with state emergency management officials and other CAP units, if needed.
Know CAP SAR responsibilities in areas of operation.
Develop a unit SAR force that is capable of responding to request from the appropriate Rescue Coordination Centers or other 
CAPR 20-1 2 JANUARY 2013 31
responsible agencies.
Ensure the SAR training program is adequate.
Develop operational procedures for rapid alerting and assembling of SAR task force personnel.
Coordinate wing SAR evaluations, training missions, and exercises.
The search and rescue officer should be familiar with CAP directives in the 60, 62, 66, 77 and 100 series; CAPP 213 and CAPP 2;
applicable FEMA publications; and SAR related federal, state and local MOUs.