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External Aerospace Education

External Aerospace Education Officer

Responsible for completing duties assigned by the Wing Director of Aerospace Education. They shall:
Direct the external aerospace education program.
Complete the Yeager Award or be working on completing it.
Enroll in the AEO 215 Specialty Track or have completed it.
Recruit Aerospace Education Members (AEM) into CAP.
Support AEMs with visits to their classrooms and by conducting aerospace education activities.
Encourage AEMs to participate in the voluntary Aerospace Education Excellence Program.
Encourage AEMs and other CAP teacher members to participate in the Fly-a-Teacher Program.
Promote and assist with aerospace education projects such as workshops and seminars.
Promote CAP aerospace education programs and educational materials in schools.
Promote CAP’s external AE mission to the regular uniformed CAP members.
Establish and maintain contact with educational agencies promoting CAP AE products.
Present AE lessons and activities in many different educational settings.