October activities

British Flyers Remberence and O-Rides

Lt Victor Smith from the Council Oak Squadron says they plan to have two 182's at the remembrance ceremony and  plan to fly two o'rides on the way up to Miami and another two on the way back. 

After the ceremony, one sortie will be flown on each aircraft to give two of your cadets front seat rides.  We will also carry up to another four (weight permitting) in the rear seats.  If you could get us the weights of the cadets we can confirm how many we can carry.  The front seaters won't be able to do syllabus 3 (stalls) - I think you said you were looking at getting first flights in anyway.

Please send your weights through the chain of command ASAP, so we can get this out of the way.   And as was mentioned at the last meeting, please be at the the ceremony NLT than 0930, earlier if possible..

O Rides have been canceled due to weather concerns.  However The British Flyers Rememberence is still on and you are welcome to attend.  http://www.okwgcap.org/index.php?pageID=320272_3&adminArea=1


Other activities this month

Details will follow shortly reguarding the Glider flights on the 28th.

Also, let your command staff know what you would like to do for 5th monday on the 30th.


Glider O-Rides

Glider O-Rides will be held on the 28th at Mid America Airport in Pryor OK

In order to participate you will need the following forms.

CAPF 160

CAPF 161


In addtion, if you have not already done so, you will need to take the following courses and bring documentation that you have completed them:

Wing Runner Course and Exam

Aircraft Ground handleing