Office 365 - Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

The only way to reset your password is to visit the Office 365 login page.

Accounts that are unused for more than 120 days are removed.

Accounts that have never been activated for more than 60 days are removed.

Office 365 allows up to five devices at the same time.  The following items count as devices:

  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Windows Computer that makes use of an Office 365 automatic sign on
  • There may be other items that “count” as a device.

Passwords are valid for up to 90 calendar days.  Once they expire, it will be necessary to visit the Office 365 login page to set a new password for your account.

The OneDrive application that is part of Office 365 has a 1 TeraByte limit per user account.

The following items are considered to be devices by Office 365:

  • Smart phone
  • Tablet
  • Windows Mail client on a Windows PC
  • Microsoft’s OWA installable application on a tablet or smart phone
  • Microsoft’s Outlook installable application on a tablet or smart phone
  • Any non Outlook client on a smart phone, tablet or computer.

Office 365 accounts are provisioned so that when an account is created, in order for the user to activate the account, the user has to provide some pieces of information that only the user knows.  By going to the Office 365 login page, the user has the opportunity to reset their own password.

Free training from Microsoft for Office 365 can be found here.  Please note that not all features of Office 365 are included in our non profit license.  There are many features that are only available with a higher tier license.  There are also features that have been disabled for the time being based on the needs of the Wing.

Civil Air Patrol members of the Oklahoma Wing that are:

  • In good standing in an active unit.
  • Have a current (not expired) membership.
  • Have a duty assignment in CAP’s e-services.


  • Have your request endorsed by your unit commander.

Office 365 has two types of EMail entries.

One is a Contact entry.  Contact entries are for EMail addresses outside the “” domain.  Regardless of how the EMail address is listed, Office 365 requires that the EMail addrress be unique within the system.

The other is an Account entry.  Account entries must also be unique within the system.

All devices are quarantined before they are joined to the domain.  This is a built in protection feature of Office 365.  When a new device is detected, it is placed into a quarantine area within the domain.  A domain administrator is then notified.  The domain administrator reviews the device capabilities, to see if the device is compliant and compatible with Office 365.  If it is compatible, and can comply with the software policies of Office 365, it is then approved and removed from quarantine.  This process is generally completed between 24 and 48 hours from the initial request.