Office 365 - Information

Office 365™ in the Oklahoma Wing:

Office 365™ is a product offering of the Microsoft Corporation.  The Oklahoma Wing enjoys a donated enterprise license from Microsoft.  The license has some limitations.  The Oklahoma Wing does not have access to the downloaded applications that comprise the Microsoft Office suite of applications (for Windows or Mac) with exception of those items below that indicate a download for free.  The Wing has access to the web based versions of the applications.  In order to have access to those applications, it is necessary to have an Office 365 account within the system.  Some of the Office 365 web based applications (through a compatible web browser) available to users are:

  • Mail
  • Calendaring
  • Tasks (To Do Lists)
  • Notes
  • OneDrive (client needs to be downloaded from Microsoft – free)
  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Planner
  • Skype for Business (client needs to be downloaded from Microsoft – free)

The above applications are only available to account holders, they are not available to non-account holders.  Office 365 is a corporate style, cloud based system.  Where this is really noticeable is when it comes to how our members are listed within the system.  A member can exist as either a Contact entry, or as an Account Holder entry; they cannot exist as both types of entries.  Accounts cannot be shared.

Web browsers:

  • The compatible web browsers for Windows are: Google Chrome (latest edition), Microsoft Explorer (latest edition), and Microsoft Edge (latest edition).
  • The compatible web browser for Mac is Safari (latest edition).
  • There may be other browsers that work, but we do not have the resources to test all of the possible combinations.

Mobile Devices/Smartphones:

Microsoft has several free downloads that are available for mobile devices and/or smartphones that work with an Office 365 account:

  • Excel
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Outlook
  • OWA (another kind of Outlook)
  • Skype for Business
  • To Do
  • Word

To download any of the above applications, you will need to visit the appropriate “app store” for your operating system (note that the Windows and Macintosh versions are not free).