Lt.Col. Jim Emory
Wing Safety Officer
Oklahoma Wing
Civil Air Patrol

Safety Resources:
– NHQ Safety –
– Safety Beacon
– FAA Safety Briefing
– FAA Safety Resources


*   R62-1 – CAP Safety Responsibilities and Procedures
*   R62-2 – Mishap Reporting and Review
*   OKWG Supplement to CAPR 62-2: 2015_08_08 Supplement – CAPR 62-2 – OKWG

Safety Management System – How to File a Mishap – Step 1
Safety Management System – How to Update a Mishap – Step 2
Safety Management System – How to Enter a Statement

High Adventure Activities

CAPR 52-16,  Page 8, Paragraph 2-10, deals with High Adventure Activities

HAAs must be documented, submitted, coordinated, and approved before the start of the activity. 
Please allow 21 calendar days for this process.

Risk Management analysis must be conducted on each High Adventure Activity.

Aviation Risk Management
(Risk Management analyses for flight operations, as required by CAPR 62-1, will be completed using the Risk Management worksheet in the Aircraft Information File (AIF)or the Risk Management tool in WMIRS to assess the GO/NO-GO status of the planned flight activity.)