Dale 3Welcome to the Oklahoma Wing Civil Air Patrol website. We are a dynamic group of adults and young men and women dedicated to advancing all three of Civil Air Patrol’s Congressionally chartered missions of Aerospace Education, Cadet Programs and Emergency Services. Volunteers all, our adult leadership represents a cross section of men and women drawn from all walks of life including public and private sector employment and academia, pilots and non-pilots, and military and non-military backgrounds. The thread that links us all is a common goal of contributing service back to our communities and helping to build tomorrow’s leaders out of the youth that comprise our Cadet Corps.

Oklahoma Wing has a long history of supporting the citizens of this state through emergency service and disaster relief tasking from the state and county departments of Emergency Management. During events ranging from tornados to recent extensive flooding and weather events, we respond to these requests in the air and on the ground. As the official auxiliary of the U. S. Air Force, we also perform disaster relief, homeland security and search and rescue missions assigned to the Wing by 1st Air Force and the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center. Our commitment to serve our communities extends far beyond our operational missions. Through our cadet program, we are committed to developing the future leaders of our country and communities. Our cadet program stresses leadership training, physical fitness and academic standards that prepare individuals to excel and successfully achieve whatever they wish to become in their lives.

Through CAP’s aerospace education program we provide our senior and cadet members, as well as participating schools, with educational materials and training in aerospace topics. Our current program embraces a 21st century leadership role with restructured, revised and re-energized products more relevant to today’s standards of learning and tomorrow’s workforce needs. The program’s interdisciplinary products engage youth in an applicable, inquiry-based learning framework that supplements core subjects and enhances traditional learning. These academic standards-based products and programs are provided to educators at no cost, a fact that is helping to offset the lack of local, state, and federal funding for educational programs.

There is a place for everyone in Civil Air Patrol. Come join us!

Col. Dale Newell
Oklahoma Wing
Civil Air Patrol